Sailing – passion and adventure of a lifetime!

When as a 7-year-old boy, I first boarded a sailing boat called Optimist, I had no idea that for 14 years my life would be completely consumed and filled by my passion for sports, I would meet many wonderful people and also travel around the world chasing my dreams.


For anyone who wants to try this sport for the first time, the first step is to start with Optimist, a sailing class designed for children over 7 years old. That’s what happened to me.

Jeden moment –  Igrzyska Olimpijskie Pekin 2008

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I was only 11 years old, the Olympic Games in Beijing were taking place. I’m only aware that I didn’t realize then how prestigious this sporting event was.

I was right after training with a slightly elevated level of adrenaline, as usual. My whole family followed the Polish Olympic Team, fighting for medals. For me, it wasn’t anything unusual, because just a moment ago I had a similar situation with my colleagues during the training session. Everyone wanted to be better, faster and win. In the evening fate wanted me to stay at home and watch with my family broadcasts of the shot put. The competition was extremely exciting. Tomasz Majewski, our representative, turned out to be the best. The next day I caught a glimpse of how our rowers (probably four doubles as I reckon) and also won. Emotions that accompanied me at this very moment were hard to describe. However, the key moment was when I saw that sailing is also in the Olympic Games. We had our representatives in each class. Nobody won a medal.

Then at the age of 11, I thought and said out loud that at the next Olympics I would be the one to take the top step of the podium!

Who would believe that the boy lives his dreams …

I believe that the worst thing that can be done to a child is to limit him or her to basic duties.

Every human being has something special about him or her. And creating opportunities for these youngest children is crucial for them to lead their lives in the right direction and to create a work ethic in themselves, which is given by practising every sport. Physical activity, healthy lifestyle, trips, meeting new people all this has been and will be in harmony with every sport. I can admit that as a 22-year-I am happy with my life, I had the opportunity to travel a wonderful way, which was made possible by sailing. And more importantly, I realized that probably what’s still ahead of me will be just as great or even better.

From a small lake to the waters of the Olympic Games

Before we start any adventure, we first need to immerse ourselves in the secrets of a given discipline. The same it is with sailing. First, the parent enrols the child in a sports club, where for the first two years he or she gains absolute basics. Then, at the age of 7-8, he takes part in the first competitions organized on the lakes, including trips to Poland.

Depending on the physical conditions at the age of 10-11 (we are talking about height and weight), a selection is made as to whether he will be sailing in a single or double class in the future. The next 5 years is an absolute priority in the development of the competitor. During this time, if he decides to remain in this sport, a mental approach to sport, discipline, technique and sailing tactics develop in such a competitor.

This is the time when the goal is to win the championship title (we are talking about the championship of Poland of a given category). Every year each medalist is appointed to the national team in his or her category.

Let us create opportunities

I would like everyone in their lives to be guided by passion. I know very well that when a man finds it in himself, gives extraordinary satisfaction from his life and yet the point is to make children, teenagers, young people happy. Not everyone has to be an Olympic, World or European Champion, but everyone has the right to pursue their dreams and what they will depend only on how much this process will consume us…

My definition of sailing

I consider this sport to be the most beautiful in the world. I took part in World Cups in Japan, USA. I trained in Mexico. I have met many wonderful people from all over the world with whom I have been in touch until today. I have developed a character and work ethic. And now, with the knowledge I have gained, I can give young athletes everything I have learned to enable them to have an equally beautiful and wonderful career as an athlete.

My short bio

I’m a sailing enthusiast. At the age of 7, I started to train in this sport. My biggest dream is to take part in the Olympic Games.

Currently, for a year now, I am a professional youth coach, who wants to achieve the best results. In my work, I focus on being professional. I love the secrets of sports psychology and I always pay attention to details.

In my career I achieved:

8 timesPolish Junior Champion titles

3 timesPolish Senior Champion titles

2 times Gold Medal at the Polish National Youth Olympics

World Championship up to 15 years old

Between 2018 and 2019 I finished the Senior World Cup at the top, Japan 2018 and Miami 2019. My interests are mainly Crossfit, Sports Psychology, Electrical and Electrotechnical Installations and sports cars.