Overweight impact on joints

Diet Life Is All About

For quite some time, waiting in the line at the supermarket checkout, I began to look at what Poles are buying. Frozen meals, soda, crisps and sweets. I assume that all these people are heading home, where, in most cases, their kids are waiting for it. Taking into consideration, that kids look up to parents when it comes to many things. Eating habits and the way we do it is one of them. We pass them onto our kids, quality and quantity of the food as well. After all, I don’t think a six-year-old would be able to cook a veggie soup all by himself!

I do realize, that we all want to prepare everything as quick and as easy as possible. We do it to have more time for our hobbies or just to have more time to rest and relax. We don’t concentrate on the consequences it might bring us and our children in the future. After all, they share our meal with us.

You might wonder now, why do I talk about parents. Well let me explain it to you, It all starts with them. Parents are always role model. Kids look up to them. They give no thoughts to a fact, that we might not be the nutrition specialist and what we serve might not always be best for their health. Once you gain weight, trust me, sooner or later the same thing will happen to your kid. And there will be just one person to blame.

Global Problem

Obesity is not a problem that concerns only Poland but also the entire world. World, where 641 million adults are obese, including 375 million women and 266 million men, of whom approximately 55 million adults suffer from extreme obesity. In 1975, only 105 million obese people lived among us.

In Polish schools, every fifth boy and every seventh girl are overweight. Although the situation in our country looks much better than in the USA and Great Britain, we are on a very good path to catch them up.

Why is my child getting fat?

Excessive weight gain happens due to limited physical activity associated with daily activities and easy access to processed, energy-rich foods. This leads to a lack of balance between energy intake and output, which increases body fat.

Right now some of us might  think -‘My grandfather was obese, my dad was overweight, I am not the skinniest person myself, so it’s probably normal that my child also has problems with obesity.’ Of course, genetics may affect a  predisposition to obesity, but to make it happen, an external factor is also necessary.

Genetics is responsible for regulating metabolism, fat storage and its distribution in the body. Environmental factors, such as right nutrition and physical activity, determine the tendency to be overweight.

I’m not ready for extra kilos!

Childhood is a time when the body of a young person constantly changes and grows. Unfortunately, overweight and obese children have more frequent bone and joint complications. The most frequently mentioned are:

• Genu valgum

• Blount disease

• Slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE)

• Flat feet

• Scoliosis

• Back pain

• Arthritis

It has accumulated a bit, right? All these changes result from too much weight affecting the rapidly developing musculoskeletal system.

Like everything, the children’s movement system also has its limitations. The first sign of excessive weight and muscle failure is the flat feet. If the child is obese, he additionally strains the developing locomotor system. When we realize that At the time when knee and foot pain appear, the level of the problem is well advanced.

Please remember that physical activity for children is one of the most important things. And I don’t mean that our kid is supposed to become future Olimpic athlete. , I just want them to have as much fun as they want and need, with no pain or injuriesObesity is a terrible thing that can affect our kids’ growth and we should always keep that in mind.

Okay! Okay! We’re getting up from the couch!

Let’s start with the basics! Does your child take the bus to school? Let’s get off the bus stop or two earlier than usual and take a walk to school. Do you live on the fifth floor? Take the stairs instead of using the elevator.  Are you shopping together? Buy healthy and organic food. Let your child see what parents eat. Be an exampleIt would be great if parents and children could find something to do and spend time together. This might motivate the young person to put the laptop aside and leave the house. Spending time and working out together should would and should bring us a lot of joy. But we must not forget that the main reason for the sport or activity we picked is to increase the general physical activity and efficiency of the body.  

It’s never too late!

Sometimes the obese child, after the first training, might feel pain and it is not muscle soreness. You may find that the body weight is too high and the joints are not yet adapted to increase the load. If this is the case, you may want to change the sport you picked.

In that case, you should choose a bike or swimming pool. In these disciplines, the most vulnerable joints are relieved, yet muscle strength and range of movement progress.

Dodatkowo są to dyscypliny, w których przeważa wysiłek tlenowy powodujących spalanie tkanki tłuszczowej, co sprzyja odchudzaniu.

The most important

There is a lot of books and articles about the influence of obesity on the human musculoskeletal system. They all have one thing and one conclusion in common- the young child’s body should not have an additional burden of those few extra pounds!

If you are a parent, remember! Obesity is not a matter of ethics, but health!