Brain works better after a workout, really? Of course, it does!

If you were to be asked: what does physical activity and sport do to your body, how would you answer? Surely, most of you would answer that it is great for your health, better mood or a nicer figure. Did you know that training also plays an important role in our brain! After the session, children think and concentrate better, are creative, their imagination runs wild, and according to the latest research they have better learning results.

Why is this happening? Sport increases blood flow through the brain, which increases the supply of oxygen, protein, nutrients, and energy, so our grey cells work more effectively. An oxygenated brain improves circulation, which contributes to stress relief, which brings relaxation and satisfaction. Under the influence of these sports incentives, adrenaline, dopamine, and endorphins are emitted which gets the brain into a state of satisfaction. Thanks to such reactions that take place in our body, we want to practice sports more often! Workout has a great impact on health and development, especially on the youngsters.

Proper development of your body is not possible without physical activity. It is the stimuli we get during training that enable the nervous system to work, i.e. to DEVELOP!

Lack of sport in your life not only ends up with overweight or lack of vitality but also has a bad impact on:

  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • the functioning of the brain, which involves:
    • poor academic performance
    • lack of concentration
    • zero creativity!

Scientists have researched how sport affects our brains. All the results indicate that thanks to the training we can learn faster and get better marks. A group of children who are training also show an improvement in discipline, increased responsibility for their behavior and better resistance to disease. So, it’s sweat time!